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Educational Policy Committee


The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is a standing committee of the Board of Directors of CASWE-ACFTS and is accountable to the Board. It is Co-Chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Commission on Accreditation.  The primary purpose of the EPC is to periodically review and recommend amendments to CASWE/ACFTS educational policies and Accreditation Standards.  The terms of reference provide a more detailed description of the purpose, responsibilities, composition, and operation of the EPC and the annual reports (see below) describe the committee’s activities.

The EPC is current Co-Chaired by Carolyn Campbell and Helene Albert. Other committee members include Shelia Sammon, Raven Sinclair, Nico Trocme, Jackie Sieppert, Francois Boudreau, and Joanne Azevedo. If you are interested in the work of the EPC please contact Carolyn (Carolyn.campbell@dal.ca) or Helene (Helene.albert@umoncton.ca).

Process for Revising Educational Policy and Standards

In June of 2013 the BOD passed a motion instructing the EPC to “suggest a planned process for making long term, substantive changes to the Standards and Procedures for Accreditation”. After consulting with members of the BOD, the COA, Deans and Directors and the general membership the EPC prepared a document entitled Process for the development of educational policies and accreditation standards (EPAS 2019). This process was approved by the BOD in February of 2015. The document entitled EPAS research project describes the research to be undertaken in the first year of the review process.

If you are interested in the social work curriculum please consider becoming involved in one of the thematic working groups that will be initiated in year two of the EPAS 2019 process. Come prepared by checking the following Briefing Note.

There will be three membership dialogue sessions during the 2016 conference/ AGM week:

  • Tuesday, May 31, 13:00 – 15:00 (English), Professional Faculties -4259
  • Wednesday, June 01, 8:30 –  10:30 (French), Professional Faculties -4259
  • Thrusday, June 02, 10:00 – 12:00 (Bi-lingual), Professional Faculties -3257

Intersection of Social Work Education and Social Work Regulation

For a least a decade CASWE-ACFTS has been exploring the ever evolving relationship between social work education and regulation.  CASWE-ACFTS has prepared an educational resource package to assist educators and other interested parties in exploring the complexity of this intersection.

Annual Reports

2015-2016 Annual Report
2014-2015 Annual Report
2013-2014 Annual Report