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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Degrees

1.      I am a graduate of a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in the USA. Is this degree recognized in Canada?
Yes, CASWE-ACFTS has a mutual degree recognition agreement with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) stating that degrees from CASWE-ACFTS and CSWE accredited BSW and MSW programs are considered equivalent.

2.    I am looking to obtain my MSW outside of Canada but I want to know which programs would be recognized so when I’ve graduated I can work in Ontario as a social worker. Do you have that information or are you aware where I can go to obtain it?
CASWE-ACFTS has a mutual degree recognition agreement with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) stating that degrees from CASWE-ACFTS and CSWE accredited BSW and MSW programs are considered equivalent. If you choose to study in another country, you must have your degree assessed by the Canadian Association for Social Workers (CASW) for equivalency (http://www.casw-acts.ca/) in order to register with the provincial social work licensing/regulatory body. If you complete a BSW in another country and intend to apply to a graduate program in Canada, the specific university admissions’ office determines whether the degree is recognized by their university. Please contact the program’s admission’s office directly.

3.    I am an MSW graduate from India. I would like to work in Canada as a Social Worker. I understand that my degree needs to be assessed in order for me to work in Canada. Can you please tell me the procedures I need to follow?
Generally, in order for social work graduates to work in Canada, they must become members of the provincial social work licensing/regulatory body. The Canadian Association for Social Worker (CASW) evaluates foreign Social Work degrees for equivalency. They have a well-established procedure to assess foreign social work credentials. CASW provides the assessment service for provincial / territorial member organizations except in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec. Their web site is: https://www.casw-acts.ca/en

Pre-Accreditation Status

4.    I am currently looking for a social work program in Canada. There is one that I am interested in but I read on the website that it has “Pre-Accreditation” status. Can you please tell me what Pre-Accreditation status refers to? If I graduate from that program will I still be able to register with the provincial College of Social Workers?
Pre-Accreditation Status means that a program (MSW or BSW) within a school of Social Work is in the process of obtaining their First Accreditation. This is an intensive process in which the Commission on Accreditation works closely with the school to ensure that their program meets the Standards for Accreditation. If you graduate from a program currently in Pre-Accreditation Status, and the program attains First Accreditation status, the program is retro-actively granted accreditation status for the Pre-Accreditation period, meaning that your degree is considered to be from an accredited program. If, for some reasons, the program is not granted First Accreditation, then your degree will not be from an accredited program (this situation is very unlikely).

Un-Accredited Program

5.    I am currently attending a social work program that is not listed on the CASWE-ACFTS as an accredited social work program is Canada. Can you tell me the implication of this?
If you have a degree from a program that is not accredited by CASWE-ACFTS, then there is no expectation that the program meets expected Canadian standards in social work education. A program that has not been assessed by the Commission on Accreditation has not participated in a rigorous accreditation process to ensure the program adheres to specific standards, identifies learning objectives for students, and integrates principles such as human rights and social justice into the social work education process. The CASWE-ACFTS accreditation process aims to promote excellence in social work education, scholarship, and practice with a social justice focus.

Accredited Programs

6.    I was told that there was a list of the CASWE-ACFTS accredited social work programs. Where can I access this list?    
You will be able to find the list of all the accredited social work programs on the Association website at https://caswe-acfts.ca/members/. You will click on Institutional member and then on Universities. You will then have access to all universities having a social work program(s) accredited by CASWE-ACFTS. When you click on any university, this will take you to the module, school, department or faculty of social work website.