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Media Release: Board of Directors Endorses a Statement of Complicity and Commits to Change

The Board of Directors of CASWE-ACFTS has committed to ensuring that social work education in Canada contributes to transforming Canada’s colonial reality* Ottawa. June 26th, 2017. “This is an important step in engaging social work education in the reconciliation process and supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action” affirms CASWE-ACFTS President, Dr. Susan Cadell “as the statement acknowledges the negative effects of past and present practices, expresses regret for …Read More

1967-2017: CASWE-ACFTS Celebrates 50 years

CASWE-ACFTS has a long history in the professional education of social work across Canada. Formally established in 1967 to succeed the National Committee of Canadian Schools of Social Work, the purpose of the Association  was: To promote education in Canada for practice in the social services; To formulate criteria for use in assessing educational programs designed to prepare students for practice in the social services; To assist in the development …Read More

Dr. Ginette Berteau is the IASWG 2017 International Honoree

Dr. Ginette Berteau is the IASWG 2017 International Honoree Each year the International Association for Social Work with Groups Board (IASWG)  votes for one or two persons to award at the IASWG Symposium the honor of being the “IASWG International Honoree”, recognizing the person’s extensive contributions to group work and IASWG. This year the Board members voted enthusiastically and unanimously to award Dr. Ginette Berteau this special honor as the “IASWG …Read More

CASWE-ACFTS and the National Indigenous Accreditation Board Sign an Agreement in Principle

The Canadian Association for Social Work Education – l’Association canadienne pour la formation en travail social (CASWE-ACFTS), and the National Indigenous Accreditation Board (NIAB) met in Calgary, Alberta on May 29th, 2016 and signed an Agreement in Principle. The Agreement in Principle commits both organizations to undertake a collaborative process to support the development of an Agreement of Mutual Recognition of Accredited Bachelor of Social Work Degrees. To see a …Read More