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Conference 2015

Poster.2015 National CASWE-ACFTS Conference

Social Work at the Intersection of Ideas, Languages and Cultures /
Le travail social à la croisée des idées, des langues et des cultures

June 1st to 4th, 2015 at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

CASWE-ACFTS Conference registration takes place starting June 1st at 8:00am in the Rotonda in Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland, at the University of Ottawa.
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Week at a glance –  


Committee & Caucus meetings:  schedule of all meetings 


SPAC Meeting and Panel information xx





Colloque: (le 2 juin)  Entre spécificité et diversité:  le point sur la recherché et l’intervention en contexte francophone minoritaire; colloque dans le cadre de la rencontre du comité de travail social francophone en contexte minoritaire linguistique 
Seminar: (June 2nd) Between Specificity and Diversity: Focus on Research and Intervention in a Francophone Minority Context; Committee on Francophone Social Work in Linguistic Minority Contexts


Symposium (June 3rd):  “Hands Back, Hands Forward” and meeting of TC-ISWEN (details in Annual Report) 

Joint Interdisciplinary Sessions: 

  • Indigenous-Settler Relations and (De)Colonization Research  Session – co-hosted with TC-ISWEN and the ISRDR Cluster of the CSA 
  • Feminist Sessions – co-hosted with CASWE-ACFTS Women’s Caucus and the CSA
  • (dis)Ability Caucus and CDSA joint session

The 2015 CASWE-ACFTS Conference will take place, once again, as part of the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This year, the theme for the Congress will be “Capital Ideas / Le capital des idées.” The University of Ottawa, host of the Congress, is the largest bilingual university (French-English) in the world. Over 30 per cent of its 42,000 students taking courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels are Francophones; this number rises to 40 per cent if those studying in French immersion are also taken into account. In this setting, the School of Social Work is a Francophone institution operating within a linguistic minority context. This Conference therefore focuses on bringing together instructors, researchers, students and partners in the field of social work to hold discussions and a debate on issues intrinsic to the meeting of both official languages communities and the interaction of cultures, as well as the inclusion of minorities in all their many forms. We will thereby address the numerous concerns and issues that shape the present and future of our profession in Canada and abroad. 

Registration for the CASWE-ACFTS Conference and Congress 2015 is still open!   All CASWE-ACFTS members pay a discounted rate to attend the conference.  Become a member here.

Plan your trip to Ottawa!

Download the Conference Poster here.