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EPAS 2020 Update

October, 2019 – Hélène Albert and Kathy Hogarth, Co-Chairs of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) of CASWE-ACFTS, have announced that the last round of membership consultation for EPAS2020 will take place during the month of January, 2020. They wish to thank everyone who offered thoughtful feedback on the Spring, 2019 draft during and after the spring conference.

The project lead, Carolyn Campbell, consolidated all the feedback and prepared a lengthy document for review by members of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC). Committee members met five times during September and October to consider the feedback and make further revisions, resulting in a new EPAS2020 draft. Translation and a final review will occur during November, resulting in a document ready for circulation to the membership in late December. This will be accompanied by Briefing Note # 4, which will summarize the changes made and clearly outline the process for the last few months.

This has been an exciting and intense five year process, details of which can be found on the Associations website (under the Educational Policy Committee tab). As we enter into the last 6 months, we invite everyone to continue their engagement by responding to the January 2020 draft.

Call for Reviewers for IFSW SWSD Conference 2020

August, 2019. Call for Reviewers for IFSW SWSD Conference 2020. The Global Social Work Agenda: The Next Ten Years. Calgary, Alberta, Canada – July 15-18, 2020. Click here for more details and find here the SWSD Programming Committee meeting notes.


Statement by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences on the Outcomes of the Investigation (June 2nd Incident)

August, 2019. The Federation announced the results of an investigation into an incident that occurred on June 2 at the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Continue Reading.


Approval to Enter into an Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Accredited Degrees with the National Indigenous Accreditation Board

August, 2019.  The Board of Directors of CASWE-ACFTS would like to update members on a decision taken regarding the National Indigenous Accreditation Board’s (NIAB, created in 1995 as the First Nations Accreditation Board) request to enter an Agreement between the NIAB and CASWE-ACFTS on mutual recognition of accredited degrees. Continue reading


Accreditation of Social Work Programs whose Institutions are not Members of Universities Canada

August, 2019. The Board of Directors would like to inform members of a decision taken at their June meeting regarding requests for permission to apply for CASWE-ACFTS accreditation from programs that are not members of Universities Canada. Continue reading


Conference 2020

July, 2019. The Board of Directors of CASWE-ACFTS would like to update members on a change regarding the 2020 Conference. In April, 2019 the Board agreed to hold the 2020 Association meetings and Conference in Calgary, as part of the International Federation of Social Workers’ (IFSW) 2020 Conference, and in support of the co-host, the University of Calgary. Since then, the Association has received feedback from members highlighting the logistical and organizational challenges that this would involve. Continue reading


CASWE-ACFTS Antiracism Position

June, 2019. CASWE-ACFTS stands against racism. The acts of racial profiling of Black and Indigenous bodies on the UBC campus during the 2019 Congress were disturbing. We acknowledge the painful impact of these incidents on those who were directly targeted and on Black and Indigenous communities. The CASWE-ACFTS BOD on behalf of its members explicitly condemns all forms of white supremacy and neo-fascism and is committed to challenging anti-Black racism. CASWE-ACFTS endorses all of the demands of the Black Canadian Studies Association. You can also read the latest statement from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences website. 


Expense Claim Form

June, 2019. A completed Reimbursement Form is required when requesting a reimbursement for Association-related expenses. The Reimbursement Policy explains what costs can be claimed. For further information please contact communications@caswe-acfts.ca


Health Care and Social Service Education Associations Partner to Address the Opioid Crisis

April, 2019. The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) in partnership with the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC), and the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE-ACFTS) are pleased to announce the funding of a three-year interprofessional education project by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program. Continue reading.