Renewed Leadership and Upcoming Initiatives of the CASWE-ACFTS Commitment to Change Working Group

Commitment to Change (CTC-EEC) Working Group (WG)

At CASWE-ACFTS, we are committed to confronting colonialism and supporting Indigenous sovereignty with the help of our Commitment to Change Working Group (CTC-EEC). This group aids all CASWE-ACFTS members. We’re working on an exciting project: the “Brown Paper” which focuses on supporting the sovereignty of Indigenous lands and waters. This document is set to be released in the academic year 2023–2024. Stay tuned!

There have been shifts in our team. Janice Chaplin, our former co-chair, concluded her term on September 13th. Her contributions have been outstanding, and we are deeply grateful. We now welcome Juliana West as the new co-chair of the CTC-EEC working group, joining Elizabeth Carlson-Manathara. With this new leadership duo, we are eager to continue our impactful actions in the coming year.

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