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Working Groups

CASWE-ACFTS currently has 3 active working groups and the BOD members and staff are active in multiple other initiatives. These are described below and the members of each group are listed. If you have thoughts about any of these topics please contact one of the working group members, a board member, or a staff person.

Mission and Purpose Working Group: The members in this group are reviewing the current statements of purpose and mission for the organization. They will then be developing a process for soliciting feedback from the membership to help clarify our focus and to inform the work of the Constitution and By-Laws Working Group.

Sue-Ann MacDonald (co-chair), Tuula Heinonen (co-chair), Carolyn Campbell, Susan Manitowabi, Jackie Sieppert, Beth Kuhn, Dawn Hemingway, Barbara Heron, Brenda LeFrançois, Donna Jeffery and Alex Wright.

Please contact Sue-Ann MacDonald or Tuula Heinonen for further information: sueann.macdonald@umontreal.ca, Tuula.Heinonen@ad.umanitoba.ca.

Constitution and By-Laws Working Group: Our current by-laws are not in compliance with new legislation related to non-profit organizations so require some changes. We also want to honour our commitment to ensuring equity related concerns are reflected within our governance structure. Therefore a group is building on the work of the previous Governance Task Force to ensure that we meet the legislative requirements and have a governance structure that supports our values and our Mission.

Dora Tam, Heather Peters, Irene Carter, Rachael Crowder, Ross Klein and Alex Wright.

Please contact Alex Wright for further information: awright@caswe-acfts.ca.

Monitoring the Accreditation Standards and Procedures Working Group: New Standards and Procedures were introduced in 2012. Members of this working group are developing procedures for gathering feedback on these Standards and Procedures that can inform the next round of revisions. 

Dixon Sookraj, Raven Sinclair and Alex Wright.

Please contact Alex Wright for further information: awright@caswe-acfts.ca.

Other Board Members are involved in a variety of initiatives to advance the 2013/2014 Action Plan (available on the web site). People are working on conference planning for 2014, various educational policy issues, supporting student engagement in CASWE-ACFTS, exploring opportunities of inter-sectorial activities, and addressing pressing concerns related to Field Education within social work curricula. The National Office staff continues to liaise with Schools, enhance the web site, ensure financial accountability, and carry out the multitude of tasks required to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently.