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Field Education Committee


The Field Education Committee is a national network of Field Education Coordinators and Directors from all CASWE-ACFTS Social Work programs. We meet at the CASWE-ACFTS conference each spring, by video/tele-conference each fall and/or winter, and stay connected throughout the year. We share information and resources, discuss common concerns, strategize for change, offer support to new and existing Field Education Coordinators and Directors, and encourage research, publication, and presentations addressing field education. The Field Education Committee acts as a consultative body for CASWE-ACFTS policy and curriculum involving or impacting field, working closely with the Commission on Accreditation and the Educational Policy Committee of the Board.

The current co-chairs of the Field Education Committee are Brook Eagle (Carleton University), Holly Bradley (Vancouver Island University) and Lucki Kang (University of the Fraser Valley). Our  representative to the Commission on Accreditation is Mary Medcalf (University of Windsor) and our liaison to the Board of Directors is Sheri McConnell (Memorial University).

We welcome all Field Education Coordinators and Directors from all CASWE-ACFTS Social Work programs to link up with us. Please email Houssein Charmarkeh to add your name to our contact list.

Annual Reports

2016-2017 Annual Report
2015-2016 Annual Report
2014-2015 Annual Report
2013-2014 Annual Report