Racism in Social Work: Let’s Talk About It! Symposium on Anti-Racist Initiatives in Social Work Education in Quebec

Virtual Symposium Date: June 17, 2022 1 pm to 5:30 pm EST

Program – Click Here

This is a one-day virtual symposium stemming from the creation of a special group for the fight against racism and colonialism at the last ACFTS AGM in March 2021. 

Simultaneous translation from French to English and English to French will be provided.

This virtual symposium is free.

Registration is now closed.

For more information please contact Professor Edward Lee at edward.lee@umontreal.ca

Organizing Committee: Edward Lee (Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the UdeM), Sophie Hamisultane (Professor at the School of Social Work of the UdeM), Jorge Flores-Aranda (Professor, UQAM), Caroline Keisha Foray (student researcher and MSW candidate at the Université du Québec à Montréal), Carole Carpot (Executive Director, CASWE-ACFTS), Antoinette Brind Amour (Communications and Mobilization Officer, CASWE-ACFTS), Anita Alabi, (Communications Assistant, CASWE-ACFTS).


This symposium proposes a series of conferences on issues related to racism, particularly in the field of social work training and intervention. Far from being a new phenomenon, racism in the last few years has been sadly demonstrated to be current and acute. Tragic events such as the murder of George Perry Floyd (2020) and subsequent anti-racist demonstrations in several countries, as well as anti-Asian racism due to the Covid pandemic19 , have nevertheless raised institutional awareness. Thus, anti-racist initiatives have been initiated and promoted in several schools of social work in Quebec and in the Francophone minority context in Canada. These initiatives have fostered solidarity with Black, Aboriginal, Asian and and other racialized communities. More recently, these schools have been able to address racism and the legacy of colonialism in social work education in Quebec. In this sense, the organization of a virtual symposium on June 17, 2022, will allow students, professors and other actors involved in social work education in Quebec to collectively mobilize in order to exchange and map the progress of these actions.

Organized in partnership with the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec, the event will also be an opportunity to officially launch “Le travail social transnational, décolonial et antiraciste : des pistes pour un renouvellement des pratiques d’intervention de recherche et d’enseignement” under the direction of Roxane Caron, Edward Ou Jin Lee and Myriam Richard, issue 155 of the Intervention magazine 

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