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Clarification – Field Education (Covid 19)

March 19, 2020 – Several questions have been raised regarding the Board’s recommendations on Field Education placements.

The first point I would like to make is that these are strong recommendations from the Board. However, schools have the choice to use discretion in implementing these recommendations. Should a school require 100% of placement hours to be completed on site, that is well within their decision-making framework, within the University’s broader policies.

With regards to point two, if a student has 60% – 74% of field placement hours completed, the recommendation is that all students be held to the 75% threshold of hours.

In instances where a student’s field placement hours fall below the 60% threshold and their placement is paused, once their placement resumes it is recommended that they too be held to the 75% completion threshold of hours. Schools can use their discretion in instances where students fall below the 60% threshold and the school has arranged for an alternative learning plan that meets the requirements of the Standard for Accreditation.

We have also been asked about spring and summer placements. The Board of Directors is making decisions based on the information available. While recommendations may change based on new information received, these guidelines are in effect until further notice. CASWE-ACFTS will reassess as the situation continues to unfold and will remain in communication with its members.

With best wishes,

Stéphane Grenier, PhD, RSW
President, CASWE-ACFTS