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2019 Conference, June 3-6, Vancouver.




The Conference Planning Committee is pleased to present three engaging keynote speakers for this year’s conference. Please see the conference program (Event App) for details, including dates and locations, on each keynote presentation.

Raven Sinclair is Nehiyaw-Cree from George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is an Associate Professor of Social Work and Researcher with the University of Regina, Saskatoon Campus. Raven is a survivor of the Sixties Scoop / Indigenous child welfare system. Her areas of interest include Indigenous mental health and trauma recovery, Indigenous child welfare, transracial adoption and cultural identity, interpersonal and non-violent communication, and group process and facilitation. Raven is an expert advisor to the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation, an advisory board member of the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute of Indigenous Health Research, and a member of the CIHR College of Reviewers. Raven is a chess addict, and she has a 13-year-old daughter, Mercedes, who gives her inspiration and hope for the future.

Renée Brassard is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Université Laval, as well as a researcher at the International Center for Comparative Criminology of Université de Montréal and at The Interdisciplinary Research Center on Family Violence and Violence against Women (CRI-VIFF). Dr. Brassard is specialized in the field of the criminal justice and the Natives in Quebec, more specifically, on the prison trajectories of the native men in Quebec and programs of native spirituality within Quebec’s prisons. Between 2010-2014, she has leaded a large-scale study on the domestic violence to the native women in Quebec. She leads actually a study on the experience of domestic violence of the native men in Quebec and a study on Inuits and Cree justice profile in Nunavik and James Bay region. Please find here Dr. Brassard’s presentation.

For the past three decades, Pamela Pezoa’s personal and professional life has been closely connected to the human rights movement and the struggles for the self-determination of one of the largest indigenous groups in Chile – the Mapuche peoples. As a student leader, she actively opposed the Pinochet military dictatorship (1973-1990) and spent time as a political prisoner in the Coronel prison (Concepción, Chile). Her husband Hector Llaitul, has been a spokeperson of the Arauco Malleco Coordinating Committee (CAM in Spanish), a Mapuche organization pressing for restitution of the traditional Mapuche lands. In the last 20 years, Hector has spent long periods of time incarcerated by the Chilean government for the activities that — CAM claims — have been part of the resistance to the waves of repression against indigenous groups in the south of Chile. Pamela continues to be involved in advocacy work that challenges the political persecution and re-victimization of the Mapuche communities. In her social work career, Pamela worked at the Special Program for Indigenous Peoples and for the Programme of Reparation and Comprehensive Care in the Field of Health and Human Rights (PRAIS) in the Araucaria Region in the Province of Arauco (2002-2015). As a facilitator of these programs, she made important contributions to citizens’ participation in health and made numerous investigations regarding human rights violations that took place during the military dictatorship. At present, she is a social worker for the Health Services of Concepción at the Traumatological Hospital where she is responsible for ensuring the quality of worklife.


Each year, CASWE-ACFTS offers a student award to support student members who have the most promising presentation submissions and who are registered to attend our annual conference. The purpose of the award is to promote high-quality social work education and practice, and to encourage more student participants to attend and present during conference. Every year, five awards are provided for up to $500 each, with two awards to be allocated to undergraduate students, another two to master’s students, and one to a doctoral student. We are pleased to recognize the following award recipients. Please see the conference program (Event App) for presentation details, including dates, times  and locations.

Ange Neil, BSW, University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Title: Putting Social Work on the FM Dial: Bridging Social Work & Podcasting




Azzam Nagham, MSW, McMaster University, School of Social Work
Title: Do I Even Belong Here?: The Experience of Muslim Women in Social Work Education




Beth Fox, MSW, University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Title: Inclusion in BSW Admissions: The Need for Change




Bianca Nugent, PhD Student, Université d’Ottawa, École de service social
Title: Repenser le travail social pour les jeunes et adultes autistes francophones vivant en contexte linguistique minoritaire



Emily Rintenburg, BSW, University of Regina, Faculty of Social Work
Title: LGBTQ2S Competency of University of Regina Students in the Bachelor of Social Work Program




Taylor Johnson, BSW, University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Title: Putting Social Work on the FM Dial: Bridging Social Work & Podcasting





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