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Online Field Instruction Course Project

April, 2018. A working group is in the process of developing an online Field Instructor’s course. This project began in 2014, when the Field Education Committee (FEC) received a grant from the CASWE-ACFTS Special Projects’ fund to research and design a national online field instructors’ course. Dr. Sheri McConnell, the field education coordinator at the Memorial University School of Social Work, conducted the background research for the project and met with Field Educators across Canada as well as provincial social work regulators and associations. She bring a passion for field education issues and is supported in the project by the Research Assistant, Claire Rykelyk-Huizen, an MSW graduate from Carleton’s schools of social work.  The course is intended to be easily accessed by field instructors and completed at their own pace, while providing them with the training and resources needed to enhance their field experience. Claire is working with Dr. McConnell to compile resources and upload content to a suitable learning platform.  It is expected that a first draft of the course will be completed by the end of April for review and feedback by committee members and others, with the formal launch scheduled for August 2018. Development of the course content owes much to CASWE-ACFTS member schools that share resources – thank you so much for your time and generosity!  The project intends to test the course first in English, and then implement a Francophone course.