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Happy Fall Term!

This is the Association’s first foray into the blogosphere and I am hoping that, during the course of the year, I will be able to share some ideas and stories with you. September is the month that university classes begin anew… and where did it go?

What an interesting month it was, as fast as it went. For me September involved many visits to university campuses: my own, of course, but also several others. On the personal front, I got to experience first orientation with our youngest who is the first of three children to go away to university. Professionally, I am privileged to have had the opportunity to visit numerous other campuses throughout the month, including campuses in Québec. I grew up in a university town and I have always appreciated that back-to-school feeling that I experienced in all of them. One newer aspect that I have been enjoying is noticing how many places are now acknowledging the territory on which they are situated.

As I am only five months into the role of President of the CASWE-ACFTS I can already relate to the feeling of being pulled in various directions: Engaging with members, trying to meet deadlines for SSHRC and CIHR applications, prepping for teaching, managing research demands and participating in various service activities. I realize that these demands are extremely energizing and interesting!

In addition to this blog, our communications team is planning on producing a monthly newsletter and is working hard to keep the website up-to-date on the activities of the Association. Please be sure to check them out! Please also make your voice in heard in our Educational Policy process by participating in a survey:


As a board, we announced our commitment to ensuring that social work education in Canada contributes to transforming Canada’s colonial reality following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations about education. I am looking forward to getting that working group going on the next steps. If you would like to join us in that journey let us know. We acknowledge that there is much more work ahead.

Happy fall term!

Susan Cadell, PhD
President, CASWE-ACFTS